with Troy Sandidge

About the Show

iDigress provides actionable takeaways you can implement right away to level up your marketing, business, social media, community, sales, mindset, productivity, and more in under 30 minutes.

The Case Study

— Needed effective strategy to approach using a podcast as a vehicle to build authority and grow business
— Didn’t know where to start or how to establish a foundation
— Ignorant of tools, process, format, framework, and systems to get started

I saw the power of podcasting in the new format right at the beginning of the pandemic and needed to take advantage of it. For a few months I saw other options but didn’t align with what I needed. I needed to learn the basic while helping me executing and scaling and the team’s offer was the right balance for me.

A team that could not only setup me up for success and help me carve out my own content production strategy but help me build it, maintain it, and grow it over time. I knew investing in a team to help me do it right would be the best approach.

Surprised at how organized everything was. There was a clear direction and assigned tasks.

• 20K+ Average Monthly Downloads
• Top 0.5% of Podcasts Globally
• Top 1% of U.S. Marketing Business Podcasts
• Drove brand authority by 300%
• Increased LinkedIn SSI (social selling index) to 75% and top 1% of those in my industry
• served as the foundation for a book launching soon

When I started I averaged maybe 20 listens a month and now averaging 20,000 a month.

The residual ROI from working with the team. It’s just always kept on growin’.

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